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Eye really appreciate all the love that you deviants show! My tear ducts are watering as eye type this.

Eye'll possibly put up some of my self portraits one of these days. I would do that now, but eye've got an appointment with my optometrist pretty soon, eye'm considering getting Lasik.

Anywho, it's great that all you fellow deviants are finally seeing eye-to-eye with me about my looks, isn't green totally my color?

PS: Here's my favorite friend! [Click on the third eye-con to see who eye'm talking about.]

:iconeyeplz: :iconlove: :iconhazgirl22:

Oh, and thanks to all of you who are watching me! We can... nah, too easy.


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The world is quiet here.
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O Meh Gawd..
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*turns toward you, creepy stare*

potato knishes *neck goes long*

potAto Knishes *neck goes long again*

I lov potato knishes *neck goes up*

This machine creates potato knishes, *Neck is still up and my arm goes weird*
I sure love to make potato knishes

*walks toward you*
The magic
And the mystery

Of potato knishes

*time cut*

little black squash balls *jumps on a squash ball thing*

This machine creates little black squash balls

It turns potato pancakes
Into  little black squash balls

*time cut*

This is where I make Centipedes

I sure love to make Centipedes

I turn little black worms

In2 sentipedz

I turn little black worms

In2 sentipedz...
bonessel Featured By Owner Aug 25, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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